Monday, June 4, 2012

Something To Think About

A few years after your wedding, say maybe 5, 10, 20, or even 30 years down the road...How do you plan on remembering your special day?

Maybe you and your husband will be telling stories from that day, trying to remember who gave you which gifts, or perhaps looking at a photo album of the entire wedding day pictures? Maybe you scrounge through the guest book and attempt to match faces with all the signatures? Maybe you drive back to the wedding location and reminisce for a few moments?

But is that going to be enough? Pictures? A guest book? Will you be able to fully remember the look on his face when you said, "I do?"

Many brides believe that a photographer is a 100% necessary part of their wedding day. Personally, I agree! 100%. Must. Have. Pictures. However, some might say that  a videographer is an optional extra to the wedding. Maybe it's one of those "if-we-can-afford-it" type of things? I'm here to clear the air ladies and gentlemen. I know from first-hand experience that the lack of a wedding videographer can be the biggest regret of your entire wedding day.

When my brother got married a few years ago, he and his wife decided against having a videographer. They wanted to save a little extra cash for the honeymoon. I understand. However, three years later....that's the ONLY change they would make to their wedding if they could do it all over again! Seriously.

Yes, the pictures last forever. But, how will you remember getting ready that morning? How will you remember the excitement in the air when he kisses you at the altar? How will you remember all the moments in between the posing-for-pictures? That's where we come in.

As wedding videographers, we will capture every movement and moment of your wedding day. From the hair and makeup, to the first look, to the dressing of the tuxedos and dress, to the ceremony, to the reception, and everything in between....we'll be there.

Many years down the road, we don't want you straining to remember every detail of your wedding day only through pictures, gifts, or guest books. We want you to live it all over again. We want you to feel the excitement in the air, the love in the room, the laughs, the looks, the sounds, and the scenery.

Don't strain yourself by trying to remember what it was like that day....just get it on film, and LIVE your wedding day all over again.

It's your day. It's your only day. Once in a lifetime day. Don't look back with regrets.

Get it on film.

Much love,
-Nicholas & Keaton

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