Thursday, December 27, 2012



(we're sorry this is a long blog post, but we want to recognize a lot of people because we're truly thankful for everyone who played a part in making this happen...)
We have had the awesome opportunity to work with the AMAZING Kate Moore Creative over the past few months on new branding, logos, websites, business cards, collateral, etc. We can't say enough about Kate Moore. She not only does an crazy good job at designing things, but we found that she also does something that many people don't do these days... LISTEN. We looked around for months at different designers, branding firms, etc and when we got the chance to talk to Kate in person, it really was like a breath of fresh air! Kate asked us questions, got to know us, and when she asked us what kind of music we listened to, we knew she was the right person for us. Of course we answered with a crazy random list of: 30 Seconds to Mars, NEEDTOBREATHE, Snow Patrol, Grace Potter, Ellie Goulding, Aerosmith, Carrie Underwood (Zack would tell you I should have put her first on this list...),  Drew Holcomb, .... and the list went on for quite some time!

Kate was able to take our ideas and mold them into what you see today. It's fun, fresh, edgy, epic, kinda manly, and incorporates our bowtie. We LOVE the bowtie stamp. You'll start to see it popping up everywhere now!

If you're looking for an AWESOME designer local to Knoxville, check out Kate Moore. We really can't say enough about her work. She is AMAZING. Thank you Kate Moore for an awesome logo!!! We love it!

Here's a little more of Kate's work on our business cards...

Now, about those crazy funny pictures....

We wanted something that showed OUR personalities! We're two brothers who love to have a good time. We are totally fine with being oddballs in a group if it means making the others IN the group laugh. It's not that we like to be the center of attention, but we just like for everyone to have a good time! And if that means wearing a tiger or bald eagle ( 'MERICA) on your shirt, then so be it! 

So we got these awesome t-shirts and had the super awesome Kristin Peddicord of KLP Photography . Ok ok, so we have a little love obsession with KLP Photography. Not only is she Nicholas's wife, but she takes AMAZING wedding photos. We stole her skills for an hour one day and went around the little town of Harriman, TN and took some of these crazy funny shots. Here's a few of our favorites!!! Thank you again Kristin! We wouldn't be where we are today without you!
You complete us. 

Thank you again KLP PHOTOGRAPHY for capturing OUR personalities! YOU ROCK!!!

Now we also launched a new website... Check it out at

A big shout-out to Promise Tangeman and her team at SITEHOUSE designs! We love our new site!!!

So, with all that being said....

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to our success so far. It's been an amazing year. To think that NICHOLAS & KEATON was a twinkle in our eye just a year ago today is surreal. 
Thank you...

Kristin Peddicord - We wouldn't exist without you. You set us on fire to get NAK going and we are forever thankful. Thanks for letting us steal your gear. Thanks for helping us avoid the potholes in the road that you might have stepped in. Thanks for giving us hope and inspiration, even when everything seems a bit overwhelming. You are amazing. We love you.

Kate Moore - You took our hopes and dreams and put them on paper. Your ideas and creativity know no bounds. We absolutely love your work and you have created 2 forever walking referrals. We will shout your name from the rooftops. Thank you again for our awesome logo. 

Debra Peddicord (our mom) - Thanks for making us. We not only love your potato soup, chocolate chip pie, peanut butter cake, and your christmas gifting abilities... but we also love you. A lot. A WHOLE lot. Thank you for everything you've ever done. We could write until I fingers bled, but we can sum it up in a few words...
We love you.

Steve Peddicord (our dad) - Thanks for hooking up with mom. We wouldn't be here without ya.

To all our brides & grooms - You guys rock! We are so pumped that you have allowed us to share such a special day in your lives. We look forward to hanging out, taking trips, and eating cake with each of you. We love you all.

We hope you all love the new website, logo, etc as much as we do! 


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