Monday, March 4, 2013


As far as motivation goes, if this doesn't get you pumped up... you need to get your heart checked.

One of NICHOLAS & KEATON's favorite films is ACT OF VALOR. One of the main reasons we love this film so much, is because it's shot from a "real life" perspective. In addition to that, here are a few reasons why this film is so AWESOME...

  • It's shot entirely on DSLR. Yep, the trusty Canon 5dMarkII. I'm not kidding. Yes there is fantastic post production and extra gear attached to the main rigs, but nonetheless it's shot on DSLR.
  • It tells a FANTASTIC story. It really gets in and shows you HOW the Navy Seals work. I could write all day about this part alone, but you just need to watch the movie to see it.
  • The used LIVE BULLETTS. No, again, I'm not kidding.
You're probably asking yourself.... "what the heck does this have to do with wedding cinema?"...
Actually, it has a lot to do with it. ACT OF VALOR shows you...
  • It doesn't matter what camera you use. It's the cameraman behind it that makes all the difference.
  • They shot live fire. We shoot live fire at weddings. It's a "one shot and done" approach. You either get the shot or you don't. One chance...
  • They capture the true essence of being a Navy Seal. We try to capture the true essence of being at the wedding day. When you're watching it on film, you should really feel like you're there.

In the first video below you'll see how the crew worked around the live fire ammunition. You'll also see the DSLRs the crew was shooting with...

In the second video, you'll see the finished product. 

I promise, this video will get you PUMPED and ready to accomplish anything this week. YOU CAN DO IT. Hard work and dedication will allow you to accomplish anything.

If you get a chance to TURN UP THE VOLUME on the second clip... DO IT. MAKE IT LOUD!

Watch the final clip here... it's INTENSE. The 15 minutes leading up to this scene are the best part of the whole movie. It truly captures what Navy Seals do on a day in and day out basis. Truly incredible.


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