Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rachel and Chad - A Reserve at Bluebird Hill Wedding Film

A cinematic wedding film by NICHOLAS & KEATON.

Cover photo by Jennie Andrews Photography (Used by permission) -

Her smile is infectious. His charm is undeniable. 
Between the two of them (I know you're thinking we are going to make a pretty baby comment here... but we're not... we thought about it... but... nah) they absolutely introduce life, and a passion to live, into everyone they meet. Rachel and Chad are two insanely amazing people. Their wedding was everything a bride could wish for... an amazing venue (Bluebird Hill is one of our FAVORITE places to film), a super talented photography team (who we might add loves Journey... YES... just watch the film already), two crazy guys who video like super ninjas on 5 hour energy (THATS US), a killer DJ (he doesn't really kill, it was a metaphor), and the best friends and family anyone could ask for.... 

We were SO pumped to be a part of this very special wedding, and we hope you love the highlight film!

Wedding Videography - NICHOLAS & KEATON,
Wedding Photography - Jennie Andrews Photography,
DJ - Ogle Entertainment (Andrew Holloway)
Flower - Sassafras Flowers, 
Catering - Take Out Thyme Catering
Bartenders - Pour Guys Bar Service 
Musicians - Special Notes 
Tents - Campbell Tent & Party Rentals 
Other - Restoration Rentals
Hair Stylist - Kirby Fink
Makeup - Nourish Skin Studio: Sydney
Cake - Carie’s Cakes

International Award Winning Wedding Cinematography

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